The Hearabouts

Saturday, 12 April 2014 | 15:11 | 0 Sweet Hearts

It's already 6 in the morning and i  didn't no no ! , i "CAN'T" sleep ..
why ? , because i keep thinking all the past memories that still keep playing in my mind ..
Nothing ever lasts forever ,In the end, i'm changed , you changed , people changed
There is no reason for you to say love and friendship, because i know there is no sincerity in your heart .
It's already 6 in the morning and my eyes still can't sleep . why i'm thinking of you ? , i really don't know either , everything is meaningless ,
i keep screaming in my head for you to vanish because you're my past .

I used to trust you .But like a joke .. u make my trust like a crumple paper .to you it like a rubbish . 
like a foolish i am ,
Take away such a thing as TRUST ..leave only a BETRAYAL
and guess what ? , it hurt like crazy . unable pain to describe . My heart always be the victim .
lost and wandering .
Are you happy now ? , how was your life ? , are you proud after make me cry ?
hahaha ...pity of me ..why should i ask that to you , of  course you are happy , of course your life just fine , of course you're proud with yourself after make people suffer . haha ... silly me :') 

The photos that used to be my favourite memories together , I almost threw away ..It hurts so much that I can’t look at them now . 
What am i supposed to say when i 'm all choked up and you are just okay .
you want to know what make me hold more on my tears from falling down ??
when there's a time someone asked me if i knew you ?  ..i looked down simply smiled and said : Yeah , I Used To ..

you cannot possibly imagine exactly how much it hurt . 
i'm not hating you , no never ..because i can't ..even i tried to hate you , i failed ..inside of my heart there is still have one small part loving you , loving our memories . i just want you to know what i feel .

i'm a fool for still loving you , for still keep you as my friend .

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